Getting sharp photos is one of the fundamental goals in photography.

If your images are not as sharp as you would like, take a look at my ten-point guide to work out where you are going wrong and how to get it right next time. I have compiled this from spending numerous hours reading and watching videos, from books and magazines to online websites and forums to DVD and TV programs. Although this is hints and tips to help sharpen your images it is not a solid fix as individual factors effect these hints and require you as a photographer to fine tune and tweak these hints.

The Exposure Triangle

So here is a basic tutorial on what your camera settings do, and how you can use them. For this tutorial, we will skip over white balance. In simple terms, white balance configures the camera to the lighting available to you at the time. For instance, you get a slightly different light from artificial lighting than you do from daylight and this difference will give your pictures a colour cast unless you tell the camera what type of light you’re using. The good news is, your camera isn’t too bad at working it out itself, so for this tutorial, leave your white balance on “Auto”.


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