Membership Fees Are Due

Our membership fees and subs have not risen in over a decade and the last thing we wanted to do during a cost of living crisis was give people yet another price rise.  However, our costs have gone up and following the explaination at the AGM and today's unaminous vote, we've raised the fees by £5 every 6 months and the subs by £1.  This will ensure that we can sustain ourselves as a club and bring in high quality speakers.

Our Fees our now £30 every 6 months and Subs are £3.  This works out at £4.20 a visit, blookin' good value for a night out.

Our Away Battle with Sutton Coldfield

On Friday the 10th of November, we travelled to Sutton Coldfield Photographic Society for a friendly inter club competition.

As is often stated, photography is the winner when we get together to share our images, but when it came to the points, the winner was Great Barr Photographic Society.  It ended with Sutton Coldfield scoring 314 points to Great Barr's 350.  

Our 2023 Exhibition!

We're a non profit club, we're part of your community. We're happy to help with other clubs and community projects with some photography, give us a shout.

For anyone interested in photography we're holding a series of open days at the Library. So come and find out about Great Barr Photographic Society and while your there, what the Library service can do for you.

An Evening with Natasha J Bella

On the 22nd of June we had the pleasure of hosting Natasha J Bella.

It was great to see Natasha J Bella back at Great Barr Photographic Society again.  This time she was able to give us some amazing insight to her modelling career, which mostly came about after having her children! 

Natasha detailed how she has grown and expanded her offering to provide assistance to photographers as she knows what its like to be on both sides of the camera.   

A great deal of discussion centred around the the collaborative process between model and photographer and that great teamwork leads to great images.