Walsall Wood Battle

We engaged our good friends at Walsall Wood Camera Club in battle last night.  As always, it was a tough old affiar with each club taking it in turns to knock lumps out of each other.  

Photographically speaking.

But, our hits did the most damage and by half time the print scores were in.

GBPS were ahead, Walsall wood scoring a respectable 170 points while Great Barr scored 177 points 

We enjoyed a short break, and met in no mans land to share a drink and pictures of our relatives back home (I may be stretching this battle analogy too far now) and then locked horns again for the digital projected images. The scores for this half being 175 to Walsall Wood and 174 for GBPS

So a valiant fight back for Walsall Wood but not quite enough to recover from the damage of the fist half with the final score Walsall Wood scoring a total of 345 against Great Barr's tally of 352

To the victors the spoils. Or at least the bragging rights.

We offer our thanks to Walsall Wood Camera Club for being gracious hosts and to our judge for the evening, Dave Tucker who had the unenviable task of trying to find images that stood out from a great set of pictures.