GBPS Claim Victory in Club Battle With Yardley

Our Battle with Yardley PA ended in victory last night (08/01/2019).   We lead all the way with a final score of 363 to 324.

As ever, it's not about winning but celebrating photography with another club.

That said, here's some notable results...

Congratulations go to:_

  • Richard Johnson for "The Old Slugger" scoring 19.
  • Michelle Walker with "Harvey" scoring 19
  • Ceri with "Forest Princess" scoring 19
  • Gary Hurdman for "The Lookouts"  scoring 20
  • Lee Williams for "Lost Girl"   scoring 20
  • Ceri for "Ghost Of Time", "Racing the Sunset" and "Pastel Beauties"   scoring 20
  • Frederick Archer for "That Regal Look"  scoring 20

Well done to the entire club!